Pronunciation - Pronuntiatione


There are a couple of strategies that could be considered, each with their pros and cons.

Pick the one that most closely resembles the New Latin pronunciation of Latin in your linguistic area:

  • People in your linguistic area might understand what you say or at least know how to write it down.

  • People from other countries might not be familiar with that pronunciation and might struggle to understand you.

Pick the pronunciation fitting for the speakers you address:

  • You need to get used to it, and stick with it, every time.

  • If the group is homogenous you are likely to produce words with the best comprehension in this regard.

  • If the group is somewhat heterogenous but speakers still are from one major group, picking one pronunciation or a consistent mix of your own from that group should be sufficient.

Pick the pronunciation that you like best:

  • You are more likely to produce consistent output.

  • Even if people might not understand your version right away, they might get used to it.

Ray's personal preference is a central pronunciation, but you're free to do as see fit.

Here's a guide:


Existent varias strategias que se potent considerare, cata una cum suos aspectos positivos et negativos.

Exelige ecco-illa quale est la plus simile ad la pronuntiatione de lo Latino Novo in la tua area linguistica:

  • La gente in tua area linguistica possibilimente comprehendet que dices aut ad lo minus quomodo notare-lo.

  • La gente de alteros pagenses possibilemente non est familiare cum ecco-ista pronuntiatione et possibilemente haberat problemas ad comprehendere-te.

Exelige la pronuntiatione quale est la plus adequate pro los parabolantes ad quales te indirectias:

  • Debes adcostumare te et respectare-la cata vice.

  • Si lo gruppo est homogeneo est probabile que produces parabolas cum la comprehensione maxima in isto aspecto.

  • Si lo gruppo est un pauco heterogeneo, magis los parabolantes ad-hanc-hora facent parte de un gruppo majore, exeligere una pronuntiatione aut una mixtura proprio de isto gruppo deberiat essere sufficiente.

Exelige la pronunciatione que ti placet lo magis:

  • Est magis probabile que produces qualque causa consistente.

  • Metipssimo si la gente non comprehendet la tua versione immediatamente, est probabile que se adcostumant.

La preferentia personale de Ray est una pronuntiatione centrale, magis potes facere que voles.

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